Are you planning your trip to Australia? You have decided to visit the Great Barrier Reef and are looking for information on which excursion this post is for you.

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is the largest marine park in the world, extending for 2300 km , starting from the coast off Cairns to the north up to Brisbane to the south. An incredible and indescribable underwater world that I had long dreamed of discovering.

During my trip to Australia in October I spent a week traveling around Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef region.

Our visit to the area begins in Cairns, the city is located in the northern area of ​​the Great Barrier and is the ideal place from which to explore the reef and rainforest. If during your trip you have only 3-4 days to dedicate to the Great Barrier Reef you can base yourself in Cairns and from here do one or more excursions, there are really many.

Snorkeling at Michaelmas Cay

Choosing between the excursions that depart from Cairns for the reef was not easy, in the end I opted for the trip with the Ocean Spirit Cruise catamaran to Michealmas Cay and I was happy with the choice. The reasons for my choice were: excellent reviews, limited number of participants and above all the possibility of snorkeling from the beach.

I can swim quite well but I am a bit scared, most of the excursions involve diving in the middle of the ocean, and this worried me a little, so I decided to choose Michealmas Cay, which is an atoll by the way. unspoiled spectacular, look at the photos to understand what I’m talking about!

Michealmas Cay is found in the inner reef, closer to the coast, which means that the coral sea water here is calmer than the outer reef. The atoll is a sanctuary for birds, the only inhabitants of the place … in addition to fish.