Planning an all girls weekend is a hard thing to do especially when all your gal pals are busy with their jobs and routines. More than this, a planned trip has to be towards a certain destination that takes days to decide because when you all are meeting after so long, you all want it to be special. But with the event organizing trait fitted in women’s minds with the idea of being detail oriented, they do plan the best for themselves. But even on these occasions, you might be cornered with the boredom of what to do when you are there sitting and waiting for your next adventure. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

What do your girlfriends need?

When planning an all girls trip, you might want to keep everyone’s ideas into consideration but you cannot keep everyone happy. It is not possible. What you can do though, is bring all the girls on a common intention towards the trip. If you feel like you have been too busy with your tight schedules you can always plan a trip to a quiet and peaceful shelter near a lake or a beach house. If you are looking to get away for self care, you all can always get yourself immersed into spa treatments and shopping. Or maybe it is time to go out an adventure like the old days and finally get out of the town.

A comfortable accommodation

An all girls weekend calls for karaoke, long conversations that you have been dying to get out of your heart, interesting gossip that you just could not handle any more, playing odd games, dancing to the tunes and eating and cooking snacks that you just cannot eat in your normal diet routines. All these things require an accommodation that will enable you to come closer and engage heartily. If you are staying at a hotel that may be the same floor but has four different rooms associated for everyone then you might not accomplish the idea of togetherness planned for the weekend getaways from sydney initially. What you can do is rent a suite, a guest house or a cabin that will promote everyone to come closer.

Try something new

Maybe this is the time that you finally decide to do something new, something that you can tick off your bucket list and experience the exhilaration of a new adventure. Maybe it is high time that you girls finally decide on chasing a new thrill or you might just pull up a karaoke night here you sing all night long. A weekend getaway can be anything that you have not done in a while, maybe eating a new kind of food or watching a movie together.