Blue sky, blue sea, flowering trees, Sydney welcomes us in a clear spring day. The emotion I feel when I arrive in this city so far, long dreamed of, difficult to describe, is a combination of euphoria and agitation. Leave your bags in our apartment in Surrey Hill, we quickly head to the Opera House. We arrive at the bay just in time for the sunset, the show that I find myself in front of is breathtakingly beautiful, it simply overwhelms me.

In life there are moments when everything seems perfect, where beauty surrounds you and you don’t this is the first sensation I experienced in Sydney.

Happy in Sydney

Sydney neighborhoods: which to choose.

But let’s get to the practical side, first of all when you are planning a trip is to choose the neighborhood where to stay.

Surrey Hill is the neighborhood that I chose and that for me was a perfect choice. It is a trendy residential neighborhood with plenty of cafes and restaurants. Perfect for breakfast, brunch and dinner. 

In particular in the neighborhood I discovered a delightful bar run by a Japanese family, it’s called Organism and it was our reference place for breakfast. We ate some awesome waffles that gave us the right energy to tackle the days around the city. Also in the neighborhood there are plenty of places to have a beer or try different types of cuisine: from Asian to Mexican.

Surrey Hill

CDB is the true center of the city, skyscrapers, offices, shops. Convenient to reach the Circular Quay, but in my opinion a bit lacking in character. Here are all the most famous hotel chains, the area is central but a bit chaotic.

CDB – Sydney

The Rocks the oldest neighborhood in Sydney and even the whole of Australia,Convenient to reach the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Bondai Beach a very nice, relaxing, hippy neighborhood, where the sea, surf and yoga are the masters. I loved it but to visit the city is too decentralized, so choose only if you want to go sea or if you have a lot of time.